Security for your students is uppermost in your mind—always. Does that include your campus card?
Maintaining status quo and an inferior campus credential
is no longer an option in the current environment.

Campus credentials and their various uses represent a rapidly-expanding technology aiding campuses in operating more efficiently while enhancing the student experience. Today, traditional magnetic stripe and prox cards—once the standard with any campus commerce or security deployment—are being replaced in favor of more sophisticated and secure near field communication (NFC)-enabled contactless cards and smart phones.

Best Practices for Migrating to NFC-Enabled
Contactless Technology

Discover details about, and best practices for, the crucial move to NFC and contactless technology including:
  • How contactless works
  • Benefits of adopting contactless technology
  • Getting started with your contactless card conversion including determining which card technology fits best for your campus, assessing which campus systems will be impacted, and developing a card issuance process following best practices
While a campus-wide initiative to migrate to an NFC-enabled contactless credential requires thoughtful planning, involvement of cross-functional leaders, and changes to your overall credential program, the heightened security, greater interoperability, and innovative boost that your campus benefits from make it well worth the conversion. 

Download the Best Practices for Migrating to NFC-Enabled Contactless Technology white paper now.

Read Best Practices for Migrating to NFC-Enabled Contactless Technology. Learn best practices for the crucial move to NFC and contactless technology.

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