Learn useful tips, facts, and best practices to unify your campus security system and ensure the safety of your students.
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The Blackboard Transact™ Campus Safety and Security Playbook provides useful facts, tips, examples, and best practices to help you develop a comprehensive and unified campus security system that not only encompasses building access, security cameras, and alert systems, but also provides a peaceful assurance of safety and security to your students and their parents. 

What's inside the playbook? 
    •   Campus security today
    •   Following the HEA rules
    •   Why colleges need a unified campus security system
    •   Emergency management for higher education
    •   Bracing your college for the worst
    •   5 best practices for a unified security approach
    •   9 emergency alert system tips
    •   Developing disaster preparation and recovery plans
    •   Unified security system implementation checklist
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Security Management System (SMS) Overview
Manage your security needs with a complete, enterprise-class system with integrated access control, video surveillance, and monitoring capabilities.